5 Patch Rules All Beginner Bikers Should Know

Members of biker clubs represent a specific category that is known for traveling in groups while attracting people with their attractive bikes and the loud noises these two-wheelers are making. There are some common prejudices towards these groups, like that they are criminals, vandals, and very dangerous people. While there were some examples of that … Read more

Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Leather Biker Vest?

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20 Incredible Pictures of Women Bike Riders – 2024

Not so long ago, women on motorcycles were a rarity. Today, 12% of all riders in America are female, which is a sharp rise from just the last decade. The number will only continue to grow, as more and more women gather the courage to question the stereotypes and start riding bikes. 20. On top … Read more

Common Myths About Motorcycles – 2024 Guide

There are so many myths about motorcycles and their drivers. If you ever witnessed a talk between a group of bikers, you probably heard some of them. At first glance, you could probably think that they sound true, but if you try to check some of these facts, you are going to find out that … Read more

Learn to Ride a Motorcycle in 2024 – 10 Simple Steps for Beginners

Motorcycles are one of the most popular vehicles. People around the world love to ride their bikes and get a lot of money in their maintenance and take a lot of care about their machines. However, no matter how professionally driving and has a lot of experience, every biker was once a beginner and had … Read more

Top 11 Misconceptions About Motorcycles – 2024 Guide

Motorcycle enthusiasts say that there is no such a feeling except when riding a motorcycle because it gives you a sense of freedom. On the other hand, there a lot of people who simply have a lot of misconceptions when riding a motorcycle is in question, and we will discuss some of them in this … Read more

Top 8 Unbreakable Myths About Motorcycles, Motorcyclists, and Bikers

Considering dating? There are hundreds of niche dating apps from which to choose. One dating site might focus on a type like a swinger, a biker, a gay man, a BBW woman, or a single Christian. Another might focus on lovers of comic book characters or Star Wars enthusiasts. Many people using niche dating sites … Read more

4 Things all Bikers Hate About Traffic

Bikers generally have a different perspective on the road, then the car drivers, which has created a certain stereotypical opinion about the necessary tension between car drivers and bikers. Bikers blame car drivers all the time, claiming for taking their advantage in the traffic, showing up in front of them from nowhere, without using the … Read more

Best Places to Meet a Motorcyclist

Ideas to help you track down that perfect partner Bikers are an entirely different breed of people. However, like anyone else, they want to find someone that is just like them. Most biker women or men would like to visit online sites in hope of finding some like-minded friends or lovers. Quickflirt.com will increase your … Read more