Traveling by Motorcycle: Hard or Soft Luggage – 2024 Guide

Taking a trip on your motorcycle is always a special thing. Definitely, you are going to bring something with you. For any type of travel, you need to be ready and all from navigation to food, to what type of luggage you need to carry, all need to be set. Navigating can be a bit tricky, but there are specialized GPS for bikers, on which you can learn more here. The luggage part though, obviously…

Obviously, you should consider having motorcycle-specific luggage, because that is the most secure way of carrying certain things with you. By doing that you will let the bike carry all the weight by itself. The question is, what is the best style for you?

Soft Luggage

Soft luggage can be considered as duffel bags that you can use for your bike. Most times, they have a clip closure or a zipper and they are secured with adjustable straps. Soft luggage can lean towards a cruiser application, a sportbike, and a dirtbike application. But it can be modified to your preference.

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Using soft luggage is a good option because most of the time, you don’t need specific racks in order to fit them on your bike. This is something you should remember because using them without a rack could result in them reaching hot parts or scratching the easily-scratched surface. Soft luggage is light, and when empty, it can be emptied easily.

Also, it is very easy to carry off the bike, and it is not expensive. Plus, it can help with creating a narrow profile, which can result in saving the driver`s life in the chance of an accident. Naturally, along with advantages, soft luggage also has disadvantages. This is where hard luggage makes a case for itself.

Hard Luggage

Hard luggage is more expensive than soft luggage. Other than that, it is bulkier and heavier. Plus, it is always the same size, it doesn’t matter if it is empty or full. It requires you to have a specific application that can be installed on your motorcycle, so, when you decide to remove the bags, you will need to keep the racks.

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It is important to know that it is lockable. Also, it is more secure than soft luggage, which is much easier as a target for thieves. Hard luggage has a fixed position, so it will never melt and shift against your pipes, or damage your paint. Most definitely, it will stay at the position where you put it. Hard luggage is waterproof, which is a complete opposite from soft luggage. Logically, it lasts more than soft luggage. There is one more option, you can wire some lighting on your hand luggage. That way you can improve the visibility of your motorcycle.

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