6 Best Motorcycle GPS in 2024

Are you looking for the best GPS devices for your motorcycle? If that’s the case, you should look no further than our article. We got you covered. Buying one of these for your motorcycle is a decision you shouldn’t haste with. Having all of the essential information regarding a particular product is a must before you decide to spend your money on it.

Moreover, the market is flooded with motorcycle GPSs and finding the right one is going to give you some serious headaches unless you do proper research on this topic. You don’t want to make the wrong choice here, because it can cost you a lot sometimes.

Describing the best technical products is very hard since there are so many of them on the market. Motorcycle GPSs are no different. This is the reason we’ve decided to research on our own. We accumulated several of them that we think are the best ones on the market.

We are certainly proud to recommend them in this article of ours. This article is based on our research with Rev Corner, as we said. The research included customer reviews, price, and overall quality. The research included customer reviews, price, and overall quality. We certainly hope that we are going to influence your future decision with our article. You should have in mind that this is not a ranking. Without further wasting your time, let us begin.

1. TomTom Rider 2

TomTom is a company that was founded back in 1991, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This is a brand that has a lot of tradition and it reached a certain status on the motorcycle GPS market. The company’s products are distributed to more than 20 countries. Moreover, devices are available in more than 30 languages. This is impressive, right?

At the time it was presented to the market, TomTom Rider 2 was considered to be one of the smartest GPSs ever. This is such an innovative product that you can use it on scooters, which is pretty unusual for motorcycle GPSs. The way it is designed, you can be sure that you are not going to damage it no matter what you do to it. You can be sure of that.

2. Garmin Zumo 595LM

The second entry on our list is Garmin Zumo 595LM. This is the best motorcycle GPS that we had the pleasure of reviewing. If you are limited with time, and you need GPS asap, we recommend this one. You will not be sorry for buying one of these. We are recommending this one to the hardcore riders who need to make their decisions swiftly. The reason is that all of the features of this motorcycle GPS are pretty fast.

You can enjoy all of the media files that are stored on your smartphone or mp3 with this one. Of course, all of this while you have your hands on the bars. The controls and the screen size are somewhat bigger than other motorcycle GPSs. That doesn’t mean that this is a bad thing. You will be able to use it much easier than others you might stumble across.

3. Garmin Zumo 396

If you are a biker and you like adventure, we believe that Garmin Zumo 396 is the best one you can find on the US market. It will show you all the winding road features and will present you with the best possible routes, limiting your exposure to highways and freeways in the process.

The set includes a 4.3-inch screen that is resistant to UV rays, hostile weather conditions, and fuel vapors. Furthermore, it comes with Bluetooth, which will provide you with the possibility to check your messages, listen to the radio or your own music. Through the Smartphone Link app, it will give you the possibility to share GPX files within your group.

4. BMW Navigator VI

When you hear BMW, you are making a serious face, curious to find out what is the rest of the sentence is going to include, right? You can make an analogy between their powerful vehicles and their motorcycle GPSs. What their cars are on the automobile market, you can consider their GPSs to be the same in this industry.

It has a pre-installed map of North America and can offer some free map updates for the entire service life for all of the pre-installed maps you are going to get. It can recognize your voice, which can come useful when you want to give some command prompts to play some of your favorite music or open any messages you might get while you are driving. It is compatible both with IOS and Android systems.

5. Koolertron V.912S

Source: amazon.com

If you are limited by your budget and you need all-terrain durability, and versatile motorcycle GPS, look no further than Koolertron V.912S. This is the best you are going to get below $170. It is famous because of its unique design and versatility. For this reasonable price, you are going to get a plethora of features that will make your motorcycle trips much more pleasant than they were before.

This device has a waterproof rating of IPX7. This means that it can handle snow, rain, or falling into a creek. Moreover, it can survive on a 1-meter depth for about half an hour. This is the reason we are considering it to be the best choice for all of the terrains.

6. TomTom Rider 550

If you are looking for the updated version of TomTom Rider, then the 550 model is the right option for you. It is stocked with some of the most advanced features you are going to get on other motorcycle GPSs. It is sturdily built and will enable you to navigate in all of the weather conditions without breaking down. This is a serious plus in our book. Anyway, it has a 5-inch touchscreen, which is glove-friendly by the way and is sunlight readable, so you will not miss any of the important data that you might need while you are on the road.