Top 10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets 2024 – Review & Guide

Motorbikes are one of the most common forms of transport around the globe. However, bikes can be extremely dangerous if one does not ensure proper safety measures. However, you can be safe and connected at all times with the help of a smart helmet. Smart helmets are like regular helmets but with built-in Bluetooth technology which allows you to communicate easily while you drive without sweating about your safety.

If you’ve been planning to buy the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet both budget-friendly and efficient, then our list of this is at your service:


One of them is

10. Torc Mako T14 Blinc Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet


Torc T14 is hands down of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet available on the market. The helmet is made up of a thermo-polymer alloy which makes it super-resilient while the washable liner makes it super-comfortable. The helmet is DOT certified. It consists of an anti-fog and anti-scratch shield, ventilation system, and a lockdown visor to protect your eyes.
The helmet comes with integrated Bluetooth technology which provides you with 24 hour talk time and battery life of 600 hours. It also has a built-in mp3, microphone with noise elimination and high-quality dual speakers.

Key features:

  • Thermo-polymer alloy construction
  • DOT certified
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch shield
  • Built-in Bluetooth system providing 24 hours talk time and 600 battery life.

9. Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet


This Bluetooth helmet is one of the sleekest and resilient helmets available on the market which ensures a hassle-free ride. It has a sturdy polycarbonate construction with soft, washable and removable inner lining and a D-ring closure chin strap. It has an anti-fog and anti-scratch shield with an exceptional visor. The padded wind collar eliminates road and wind noise. It has a built-in Bell Sena SMH10 and cardo scaler Rider Q1/Q3 Bluetooth stereo and speaker pockets which deliver high-quality sound.

Key features:

  • Made up of lightweight polycarbonate
  • Padded chin strap
  • Has an anti-scratch and anti-fog shield
  • Integrated Bluetooth stereo with pocket speakers

You can always read a more in-depth review about this helmet. On the site, you will find some other Bell models which you can compare and pick your favorite.

8. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


This Bluetooth helmet has sturdy construction with inner microfiber lining. The helmet is DOT certified. The built-in Bluetooth technology provides you with 8 hour talk time and a battery life of 110 hours. You can communicate with another ride at a distance of 1000 feet by just a touch of a button. The helmet also offers FM and GPS navigation. The two built-in speakers provide impeccable sound quality thanks to their noise and echo cancellation technology.

Watch the following video for more info about this helmet:

Key features:

  • Sturdy construction with inner microfiber lining
  • Eight hours talk time with 100 hours of battery life
  • Provides FM and GPS navigation

7. FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth helmet


This helmet has a sleek design made up of lightweight ABS material with removable and moisture-absorbent inner lining. The helmet has an anti-fog shield along with a tinted visor. This full-face oval-shaped helmet has an integrated 3.0 Bluetooth technology that allows communication at a distance of 500 feet.

A talk time of 12 hours, intercom talk time of 8-9 hours and battery life of 340 hours. It also has two built-in speakers with enhanced sound quality and microphone with noise cancellation facility.

Key features:

  • Made up of ABS material
  • Has an anti-fog shield with tinted visor
  • Integrated with 3.0 Bluetooth technology
  • Talk time of 12 hours with a battery life of 340 hours
  • DOT certified

6. O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet


It has a sleek design with vibrant colors and durable polycarbonate construction. The inner lining is incredibly soft, breathable, and easily washable. It has an anti-fog shield with a drop-down UV light-resistant visor. The helmet has an exceptional ventilation system with enhanced aerodynamics.

The helmet has an integrated Bluetooth system which allows you to communicate through phone or to other riders via intercom who are at a distance of 120 feet. It offers a talk time of 10 hours with 130 hours of battery life. The calls can be answered or rejected via voice commands, and an incoming call will interrupt the GPS audio, intercom, or music.

Key features:

  • DOT certified
  • Polycarbonate construction
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Battery life: 130 hours
  • Talk time: 10 hours

5. AHR Bluetooth Motorcycle Modular Helmet


This super sleek Bluetooth helmet has an ABS construction with a heavily cushioned interior. The shield is super resilient with a drop-down visor. It has built-in Bluetooth technology which allows you to answer or reject phone calls while riding and can connect up to 3 riders together at a time. It also offers built-in GPS and FM radio.

Key features:

  • Available in matt and glossy black colors with a sleek design
  • Sturdy design with heavily padded lining
  • Built-in Bluetooth

4. Sena Savage Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet


This helmet is the perfect gift for the scooter lovers as this half helmet has a fiberglass construction with perfectly contoured cheek pads. The half helmet allows ventilation and the built-in 4.1 Bluetooth technology allows you to communicate with other riders over a distance of 1 mile apart and provides you a talk time of 11 hours.

Check out the following video for a quick overview of this model:

Key features:

  • Half helmet with fiberglass construction
  • Built-in 4.1 Bluetooth technology
  • 11 hours talk time with 3-hour battery life

3. Klim Krios Sena 10U Stealth Helmet


Another innovative helmet certified by DOT, has a full face full carbon shell construction which makes it super resilient and lightweight while the inner lining made up of klimatek fibers is super soft, moisture absorbent, washable and anti-microbial in nature. The device has a durable transparent and anti-scratch shield.

The integrated 4.0 Bluetooth system allows communication with four riders at a time in a radius of 1 mile. It provides a talk time of 10 hours with astonishing voice quality. FM radio, GPS control, voice interactions are some of the other important features.

Key features:

  • DOT certified
  • Full face carbon shell with inner soft klimatek lining
  • Durable, clear and anti-scratch shield
  • 4.0 integrated Bluetooth

2. CrossHelmet Smart Motorcycle Helmet


If you’re looking for a helmet straight out of the future, then this one’s for you. This helmet comes with a sleek design and has a 360degree visibility by having a rearview camera which projects onto a screen displayed on the shield. It has a durable construction with LED lights present on both sides.

It allows you to stay connected via integrated Bluetooth technology so you can make phone calls, listen to music, and use GPS and so much more without worrying about your safety. It also offers enhanced noise elimination technology like never before.

Key features:

  • 360-degree visibility
  • Built-in Bluetooth system
  • Noise cancellation software

1. HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet


This brain bucket is DOT certified and is highly durable and resilient with an anti-fog shield and a drop-down UV ray’s resistant visor. The face shield can easily be replaced without the use of any equipment. The Bluetooth technology allows you to communicate freely with a radius of 120 feet and gives a talk time of 12 hours. However, the Bluetooth device is not integrated but can be fit into it.

Key features:

  • DOT certified
  • Anti-fog shield with a drop-down tinted visor
  • Talk time: 12 hours
  • Not an integrated Bluetooth device


With the advancements in technology, helmets are becoming essential headgears for bike riders to ensure both safety and uninterrupted communication. To learn and check more Bluetooth helmets visit