3 Best Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets – Review And Buying Guide 2024

Helmet—a safety gear that is necessary to ride a motorcycle, so why won’t you score points in a single turn by buying a helmet that not only provides protection but also adds style to your personality? The Star War makes this possible by harmoniously producing the best helmets that possess style and protection. Regardless of whether you’re a fan or not, you’ll love these premium quality helmets for their flawless build quality, aesthetic looks, and extraordinary features.

In the marketplace, we got tons of choices, each claiming itself the top-class, which puzzles our minds. But, I have been riding a motorbike for a long time, so based on my own experience and review, I decided to share the three best Star Wars motorcycle helmets: well-built, durable, electronic, comfortable, and resistant, and what not? There is not a single element to compromise on! It might sound exaggerating to you now, so see by yourself right here:

Best Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets

1. Star Wars Action Figure – Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets

The first choice is an Action Figure helmet from Star Wars Black Series! If you’ve little knowledge of Star Wars, you must know Darth Vader, a famous star Wars character. This helmet is a realistic version of Darth Verder’s helmet. The interior and exterior of the helmet are similar to that reel helmet, which is the main reason behind its hype.

Overall, the design is like a mask that covers your head and neck, providing you more safety than conventional helmets, and side-by-side adds a character vibe to your personality. Moreover, it is an electronic helmet that comes with a sound system. It produces iconic breathing voice effects of Darth Verder, adding a vibe of Star War character to it. This feature makes it more popular with youngsters or fans of Star Wars. However, it requires AAA Alkaline batteries to work.

In terms of durability, this helmet is at the top of the list because it is composed of high-end materials which are sturdy and resistant to water, air pressure, and breakage. In my opinion, safety always comes first while buying a helmet because this is actually what you’re spending for! You might be concerned about its size and fit, but there is no need to worry about it. It fits like a sock; even if your head is a little wider than average, you should go for this one!

When buying a helmet, breathability is imperative because I can’t afford suffocation at all. At first sight, I thought that this Action Figure helmet fogged me up, considering its design. But I was wrong because this one comes with a splendid ventilation system which offers a full-vision, non-suffocated and non-peripheral ride, Isn’t it incredible?


  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Resistant


  • Expensive

In short, the Star Wars Black Series “Action Figure” helmet is the best choice for Darth Verder’s fans! It comes with excellent build quality, durability, sturdiness, and exceptional resistance. I love the entire head-to-neck design that gives utmost protection to the riders. However, this helmet is a little expensive for buyers, but its boundless features are worth that price. In a few words, it is an excellent investment for motorcycle riders.

2. Star Wars The Mandalorian – Full Face Star Wars Motorcycle Helmet

Here comes another Star Wars Black Series helmet called “The Mandalorian”! It is inspired by a famous warrior in the Star Wars universe, “The Mandalorian,” a western television series—streamed by Disney +. This helmet is a replica of a reel helmet in this TV show; therefore, it is best for Mandalorian fans. Besides its link with the series, the build quality and features are outstanding. Let’s start with its profile!

This helmet comes in a black and silver shielded design, which looks aesthetic. It is composed of Beskar armor which is also called Mandalorian iron. It is a sturdy alloy used to construct the armor in the Mandalorian reel series and is famous for high resistance to any damage. The all-metal building is always better than any other material when it comes to safety because metal is durable enough to cope with blaster shots or lightsaber strikes.

Moreover, this helmet has a “T–Visored mask,” which provides ultimate protection to your face. If you fell from a motorbike, this mask keeps covering your face, guarding it against any severe injuries. Don’t fret! That mask has a specific ventilation system, allowing air to pass out to prevent suffocation. Plus, this breathability resists fog accumulation inside, making vision clearer throughout the ride.

In terms of interior designing, the helmet comes with soft padded material lined over the helmet’s interior walls. The padded material provides extraordinary cushioning, absorbs moisture or sweat, and keeps your head in place throughout lengthy rides. I found the fit of this helmet great, too, even for wider heads.

This is also an electronic helmet that comes with a detailed lighting setup. These interior lights enhanced the aesthetics of this realistic helmet. However, if you don’t like adding lights in your safety gear, you can remove those dual lights by placing the helmet upside down. For more details, seek help from the instruction manual provided by the manufacturers.


  • Fits well
  • Extremely protective
  • Comfortable


  • Needs cleaning more often

In a nutshell, this Mandalorian helmet is stylish, trendy yet sturdy, and safe to use. If you are looking for an all-rounder helmet, this one is best for you! I love the helmet’s face mask and shield because it adds extra care for riders.

3. Star Wars Luke Skywalker Helmet – Custom Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets


Here comes my favorite Luke Skywalker Battle Simulation Helmet, a member of the Star Wars Black series. It is a premium helmet with extraordinary stability and durability because of the excellent quality materials used in its building. There is a lot more to discuss this superb safety gear so let’s start!

I am impressed with its profile which is inspired by the movie character “Luke Skywalker.” It comes in a white body with yellow and red patterns, which gives this helmet a different look from other choices on this list. The helmet’s exterior is made of metal that can withstand pressure or high-temperature conditions.

While the interior has cushioning pads that provide long-lasting comfort and grip. The padding also can absorb moisture during lengthy rides and shock in case of an accident. So, you don’t need to compromise your comfort in a wholesome.

Moreover, as you see in the reel helmet, it is an electronic helmet with detailed LED lighting, as manufacturers tried their best to copy Luke Skywalker’s style. There are three good quality internal speakers that produce sound effects to create a whole movie ambiance. In short, this helmet is made explicitly for the Luke Skywalker Battle fans collection.


  • Looks stylish
  • Durable
  • Shock absorbent


  • Pricey

Briefly, this helmet comes with supreme build quality: both interior and exterior are excellently built. I found it the most comfortable helmet for long rides. Besides that, the profile looks impressive too; it has a pattern design with a fusion of beautiful colors. In this helmet, there is literally to compromise on!

Buyer’s Guide



The Star War helmets are inspired by movie or western series characters. The reel helmets are converted to a realistic version—sounds fascinating, right? These helmets boast different styles: some cover your face from head to neck, while others are open from the front. So, you have various options to decide as per your choice. I love the design of Luke Skywalker’s helmet the most!

Over that, the addition of LED lights and heavy-duty speakers further enhanced the aesthetics of the overall profile of these helmets. The sound system generates voices of movie characters, creating the ambiance. However, if you don’t like lights on your helmet, you’ve got an option to replace those by turning over your helmet. I found these lights and speakers fascinating as a Star Wars fan!

Build Quality

While buying any product, build quality is something one should not take for granted. Because the construction materials used in making helmets decides how durable, resistive and sturdy it will be! In the case of Star Wars helmets, you should choose the one which features an all-metal building because metal alloys can withstand extreme conditions. So, in case you meet an accident, the helmet provides excellent safety without risking your life!


Covering kilometers isn’t easy with a wrong helmet because it will make you feel unrelaxed throughout your ride and increase the risk of disbalance or falling. To avoid those circumstances, one should prefer the helmet possessing good comfort. Star War helmets come with cushioning pads lined on the interior walls, providing cushion-like comfort throughout the ride. These pads also can absorb sweat so that you won’t feel itchy during travel.


The air passage is another essential element that shouldn’t be neglected while making your purchase. Helmets with weak breathability will lower the vision or even make you suffocate during the ride. To get rid of that, you should choose a Star War helmet that has permeable linings that allow air molecules to pass away so that fog will not accumulate on the inside and you’ll see your way and breathe effortlessly. If you have previously faced any such issues, go for an Action Figure helmet!


If you’re searching for a helmet below $50 or so, I am sorry, the Star Wars option isn’t for you! These extraordinarily built helmets possess style, comfort, and protection to the bikers. So, when you get so many features, you’ve to pay for them, and you cannot count it as a drawback, right? These helmets are an excellent investment for motorbikers because they last long!


Do motorcycle helmets expire?

Yes, there is an expiry date for helmets too. The manufacturers suggest a time limit for helmets; regardless of how your helmets look after that time, you need to get a new one. Usually, the helmet expiry date is seven years far from the manufacturing date or five years far from the day of use. You’ve to check it out from the stamp over your helmet or its box.

Why would you want a Star Wars helmet?

As a Star Wars fan, I wonder why you wouldn’t buy it! The realistic version of reel stars’ helmets sounds captivating. If I judge these helmets regardless of Star Wars fascination, I must appreciate the unique profile, excellent building, cushion-like comfort, good grip, breathability, and a lot.

Which Star Wars helmet is best?

Overall, all the Star War helmets are excellently built and possess premium safety for riders. But, If I have to choose one, it might be “the Mandolorian” for its culture that links people to different enthralling things. Plus, it comes in an artistic design that looks flawless. I want to appreciate its enduring nature because of the alloy used in its building. In a nutshell, this is a premium helmet and an excellent investment for motorbikers.

Final Words


In conclusion, a helmet is not something you can skip while riding a motorcycle. But, conventional helmets look odd and might downgrade your personality and style. In this way, the Star War helmets seem like a backup plan, as they possess style with protection and utmost build quality. In this article, I have shared some unsponsored Star War helmets, which are top-runners in today’s helmet industry, but if you’re in a hurry to read the blog, then here is my favorite choice for you:

  • The Mandolorian helmet for its reel character, excellent build quality, durability, and comfort.

Though the Star War helmets are a bit pricier than traditional ones, these are worth buying considering the specs and profile. If you want to enjoy long rides on your bike without risking your life or compromising your style, you should get one of these helmets as early as possible. Please make sure to read a buying guide I shared in this blog to make a wise purchase.

Keep Riding!