Are You Risking Your Spine Riding a Motor Bike in 2024

The simple response to this question is a blatant yes, but you can take some safety measures and learn safe riding techniques to keep yourself safe. But how exactly is riding a motorbike a risk to your spine? Keep in mind that you are the body that receives any pressure, shock or knocks when riding a motorbike.

In addition to this, you have to ride your motorbike sitting and with a slight incline to the front. We’ll see how these aspects and others are a risk to your spine in a while. Anne the author of FreeYourSpine urges that you take every safety measure you can since riding a bike isn’t just a risk to your spine, but a risky activity to your life.

According to recent studies, one out of every six cases of spinal injury from riding a mountain bike was serious enough to lead to total paralysis. This is no different from riding a motorbike since you take more or less a similar posture when riding either of these machines. So, let’s look at the risk factors associated with riding a motorcycle.

Taking Falls

It is very easy to fall when riding a motorbike for both professional and non-professional riders. When you fall, your body takes all the impact and shock which might injure different parts of your body including your spine. Amateur riders are more prone to fall off their bikes due to the excitement that comes with riding especially if you are riding a superbike.


Most superbikes require you to slouch to have that streamlined posture and to reduce wind resistance. The slouching positions your spine in an awkward position exposing it to serious injuries. Your body is designed to stay upright. Bending when riding a motorbike is a serious risk to your spine.

Getting Hit by Vehicles

While this is a risk factor for everyone including pedestrians and drivers, cyclists stand a higher risk of getting hit and injured more than the other two. Most drivers who have admitted having hit a motorcyclist say that they were not aware of their presence. Drivers, especially on highways are more focused on other vehicles than on motorbikes. If you get hit by a vehicle, all the impact is exerted on your body which can injure not only your spine, but can leave you dead.


Motorcycle enthusiasts like doing tricks with their bikes. One of these tricks is wheeling, that involves lifting the front wheel then riding using the rear one. This trick is especially dangerous if one is not skilled and experienced enough. Most riders that do it wrongly fall on their back which is risky to your spine. There is no protective gear you can wear to prevent injuries from such accidents.

Wearing Helmets

While helmets are a good safety measure, they are also a risk to your spine. the human head weighs approximately 5kgs. Slouching without a helmet is in itself a risk factor to your spine. If you add the weight of a helmet, this risk is compounded. That means that as much as a helmet is there to protect you, it also puts you at a risk in some way.



Despite the risk factors, it does not mean that you should not enjoy riding a bike if that is your hobby. You can take measures to avoid some silly mistakes that might put you in harm’s way. Among these measures are;

Be Disciplined

You really have to be self-disciplined when you start riding. No matter how excited you might be, observe caution on the road and take some breaks to stretch your back and other muscles. Ensure you respect other road users and wear clothing that is bright enough especially when riding on the highway.

Take Personal Practice and Advanced Riding Courses Seriously

Do not just start riding without proper certification and training. Many people who get into serious accidents are those who think that bikes are just about speed and fun. Drop the arrogance and take time to learn and improve your riding skills with time. Listen to other experienced riders and start with the basic skills.