Hip Motorcycle Alternatives Today

If you love the appeal of riding a motorcycle, but are interested in trying something a little bit different, you don’t have to look too far into the future, because there are actually quite a few alternatives that are already available! There is actually quite an interesting variety of innovative, fun, and exciting alternatives that can easily take the place of your favorite two-wheeled vehicle out there. Let’s go over a few of the options.

Electric Bicycle


The electric bicycle is a step up from your standard bicycle. It’s basically a bicycle that can go at a much faster speed because it has a battery charged motor attached to it. There’s a variety of these kinds of motorized bikes, according to RideTwoWheels, and you can get better insights into how they look and how they work. They’re great for being able to ride uphill and just generally get around in a much more efficient and convenient way, and you’re also doing the environment a favor by not using harmful fuel emissions that motorbikes generally do.

These electric bikes can be powered in different ways. There are e-bikes that can be powered through pedal-assist while the other type operates on a power-on-demand. The pedal-assist type adds a boost to your pedaling efforts though it works automatically once you start pedaling. One good thing about this pedal-assist type is the feeling of having the wind at your back, which makes pedaling such a breeze (both literally and figuratively). This is so helpful, especially when you need more pedaling power to be able to go up the hills. This is also ideal for older individuals who need help in terms of pedaling.

Electric Scooters


The electric scooter has the same premise as the electric bicycle- it’s a motorized scooter. These are great for the younger generation, and they’re also a ton of fun. You can either get the basic two-wheeled scooter or a three-wheeled option that offers more stability. They’re easy to carry around and are safe to use for the most part.

Electric scooters also come in different types, which may include foldable electric scooters, off-road electric kick scooters, and fat tires electric kick scooters. Foldable electric scooters are ideal for people who need to go to the workplace every day. This helps them kill traffic and get to the workplace on time. Once inside the office, one can just fold it and place it under the table as it also takes up less storage space. The off-road electric kick scooters are great for people who want to spend time on extreme trails or in the woods for an adventure. This type of scooter has bigger tires, along with a more durable battery and a more powerful motor. It is also equipped with serious suspension and built with protective construction for its batteries and motors. The third type, which is the fat tires electric kick scooters which have much wider tires often as wide as car tires, making it look like a chopper motorcycle. This is the type of scooter that guarantees more comfort.

Backward Trike


If you’re looking for something that’s closer to being a motorcycle in terms of engine, looks, and speed, then you want to look into the backward trike. This is a bike-like vehicle that pretty much looks like a jet ski, but for land use! It has two wheels at the front and one at the back and looks like a crossbreed of a beach buggy with a motorbike. It’s a bit pricey, but looks incredibly cool and is a ton of fun to ride. The backward trike is also referred to as reverse trike. There are three designs for reverse trikes, and these are Tilting Reverse Trike, Reverse Cargo Trike, and Rigid Reverse Trike. The most famous reverse trike is the Can-Am Spyder, which is equipped with a massive 1330cc engine.

Although a reverse trike offers better traffic visibility, it also has its own unique dangers. Handling a motor trike is much like driving a car. However, you have to remember that your body is still dangerously exposed and, just like a two-wheeled motorcycle, can still make your body prone to catastrophic injuries. Safety still needs to be observed at all times and in all aspects of the driving experience.

Vespa Scooters


Vespa scooters have been around for ages, and are a great and hip alternative to motorbikes. They come in all kinds of colors and prove to be a fun and comfortable ride. They’re not as fast as motorbikes but are very efficient and convenient for getting around. These scooters are great because they have an old-school look to them that definitely doesn’t go out of style, and they’re a ton of fun to use. The seating is also much more comfortable than that of a motorbike.

Vespa scooters come in small frames or large frames. A small-framed Vespa scooter is ideal for those who just want to have a simple machine that will be used for daily commuting. A 50cc Vespa scooter will help you get around the city comfortably at a top speed of 45mph. Large frame Vespa scooters can be a vintage 125cc or a modern 250-300cc, which enables you to pack on more power. If you choose the Vespa 300, your top speed will be more than 70mph.

However, depending on which country you are using the Vespa motor or in which area, you may be required to obtain a special license before you can drive your Vespa motor around town.

While motorcycles are fast and attractive, they can also be expensive and not so safe. Many people would like to ride a motorbike but find themselves unable to for a number of reasons. Being able to find an alternative that more or less gives the same feel and serves the same purpose as a motorbike is something that is easily accessible now. The best part is, there are a variety of options that can cater to all ages, so no one feels like they’re missing out on the motorized, two-wheeled experience in the open air, whizzing down the road!