Trip Around the World on a Motorcycle

Imagine the feeling of freedom, seeing amazing places, interacting with the people from close, experiencing cold weather, feeling the warm sun on your face, and being buffeted by the wind. The goal is to befriend nature and learn to appreciate it.

Motorcycle travel provides a feeling of freedom. Whether you decide to get up earlier, schedule your days, stop along the way, or just relax and take in some stunning views, you may do it whenever and wherever you’d like. You’re the only one who can decide the path you want to take. How long does it take to go around the world on a motorcycle? Guinness Record for the fastest circumnavigation of the world by motorcycle is 19 days, 8 hours, and 25 minutes.

When you travel on two wheels in the motorcycle world, you learn to keep things simple. You have to appreciate the small things in life, such as leaving your home and enjoying basic things. While deciding over what to dress may take time, there are just a few choices to choose from. It works in the same way when we’re talking about what to eat. When you travel, you pack all you need in your carry-on baggage or what you discover on the road.

It’s windy, it’s raining, and the sun is shining. While reading this, you may see birds, butterflies, kangaroos, zebras, elephants, and bears flying around you. The trees provide delicious mangoes, and you can also take a break beneath their branches. Buses, cars, and trains take you somewhere, but nothing can compare to this feeling. But the question is:

How much does it cost to ride around the world?

The answer is around 60$ to 80$ per day. You should also know that there will be numerous hazards and difficult circumstances when you go by motorcycle. Difficult and troublesome roads, bad weather conditions, accidents, regions of risk, illness, or finding places to stay and eat. Adventure may be everywhere, and it’s simpler to discover on two wheels.

Traveler needs for traveling around the world on a motorcycle

1.  Get The Right Equipments

You need to prepare for the adventure by equipping yourself with the appropriate equipment. A good-quality helmet might help save your life while fighting the heat.

To have a secure hold on the brakes, use motorcycle boots. Biker boots, motorcycle gloves, and a traveling bag are also crucial to an enjoyable biker experience.

The right bicycle equipment is critical for a safe and thrilling trip. So, choose the right accessories if you want a safe journey.

2.   Know how you’re going to eat food

In some countries, there will be nothing to eat available for miles. There are small restaurants in the countryside in Vietnam, so when you want to stop for coffee and a snack, you do so at little eateries.

Hagai Yardeny says. “In the Alps, it was more like going to a supermarket in the morning and packing lunch. You can always bungee some food and water on top of the case.”

3.   Choose The Right Budget Motorcycle

Choosing the right motorcycle is essential to getting on two wheels. This means that your bike must meet the specific requirements of your journey.

A checklist of the factors you should consider when selecting a budget motorcycle should include elements like overall mileage, minimal maintenance, and a comfortable sitting posture to help you avoid neck and back pain while traveling.

Prioritize your list of criteria and choose a budget motorcycle that fulfills them. Before you go on your trip, do your homework and find out what kind of bike is best for your adventure.

4.   Always be open to meeting new people

You have the opportunity to meet many fascinating people when traveling, so you have to be open to meeting new people.

Hagai Yardeny says, “One of the most interesting people we met is ‘Binh the Berliner’ in Vietnam. Riding with him is always an educational experience; he often stops to point out details of how stuff is collected, made, cooked, and distilled. He is the one who taught me how the locals in Vietnam make the rice spirit. He is called ‘the Berliner’ because back before the wall fell in Germany, he was sent there by the communists to learn.”

5.   Follow Traffic Rules

Ensure that while on the road, you comply with all traffic rules. Especially before you depart, you must look for traffic regulations since they may frequently change when you go into another nation or state. And ignoring the rules is not a valid defense.

Understand that these restrictions are designed to ensure your security. In mountainous regions where one wrong step or one wrong turn may result in a tragic end, traffic regulations are prominent. Make sure you follow the laws of traffic.


The pros for motorcycle travel around the world are following:

  • One of the main pros of motorcycle travel is accessibility. Even the smallest cars produced do not fit into areas that motorcycles can. The pros for motorcycle travel around the world are following:
  • The thrill involved in motorcycle travel is another advantage.

There are many more pros in tripping around the world on a motorcycle are following:

  • Motorcycle travel is economical
  • It is Versatile
  • Agile in town
  • Fast on the road
  • You can load many things into it
  • Brings adventure
  • Generates adrenaline
  • Excuse meeting many people
  • Generates camaraderie
  • Generates passion and much more.


The cons for motorcycle travel around the world are following:

  • Traveling by motorbike does not have air conditioning; it does not have a windshield wiper when it rains, so water gets all over you, bugs fly into your face, and the wind cuts through your clothes.
  • Some countries may block access to some social networks, but we have a solution for that; it would be good to install a VPN from a company like VeePN on your mobile to always stay connected to your friends and family.
  • Motorcycle travel has an extra cost while crossing over islands, rivers, lakes, or the sea.
  • The storage capacity available on motorcycles is considerably less than most cars and trucks.
  • The impact will likely have a direct effect on the rider. Even minor accidents become catastrophic and destructive under this reality.