How to Make My Motorcycle Exhaust Louder

Do you want to make an impression while riding on the streets with amplified motorcycle exhaust sound? The motorbike’s exhaust already generates deep sound, which can be strengthened in several ways. From modifying the carburetor to customizing the muffler, you can opt for various methods to enhance motorcycle exhaust sound. Moreover, you can accomplish this yourself. So, let’s get to how that could drastically change the sound. Dive in!

Ways to Make Motorcycle Exhaust Louder

Below we have several methods to make the exhaust roar deep. The uncomplicated steps will let you enjoy your ride with a deep, roaring sound. You need to adhere to these steps and upgrade the sound effectively.

1. Getting Aftermarket Exhaust

Getting yourself an aftermarket exhaust is the simplest way through which the amplification of your exhaust is possible. This enhances the working of the engine. Furthermore, it consumes less power. The large opening of the exhaust ensures the exit of a large amount of heat. Along with that, the engine will also enhance the withdrawal of the by-products due to combustion. Due to this, the motorcycle will have better breathing. Therefore, it will primarily enhance the volume.

2. Removing Baffles

Another method that can effectively make the exhaust sound deeper is removing the baffles. This is integrated at the end tail. Therefore, you need to remove it with care. By doing this, the sound will turn deeper rather than with the baffle on the exhaust. In addition to that, the process is uncomplicated and effortless. Therefore, you can do that yourself with utmost ease. To accomplish successful removal, you can also check the manuals. However, it comes with some downsides to it as well. The major one is the lower back pressure. This might reduce the efficiency of your motorcycle and affect fuel economy. However, it won’t generally have any effect when it comes to the performance of your bike.

Method to Remove a Baffle

To successfully remove the baffle of the exhaust tail end, one needs to follow simple steps. However, you should ensure that you do have a fat screwdriver along with a wrench set before starting. This will aid in detaching the baffle perfectly and in a more straightforward manner.

  1. Parking the motorcycle.
  2. Turning off the engine.
  3. Inspection of the exhaust system, specifically of the rear end.
  4. Look out for the nut which connects the pipe to the baffle.
  5. Unbolting the nut using a screwdriver
  6. Removal of the baffle. Make sure to keep it safe with you as you might require it for inspection purposes.
  7. Your exhaust system now produces a roaring, deep sound. You can also install another baffle that comparatively directs a louder sound.

3. Modifying the Stock Carburetor

Another thing that influences the motorcycle exhaust sound is the stock carburetor. This holds the job of minimizing or maximizing the amount of air and fuel entering the combustion chamber. Therefore, the larger the carburetor, the more air, and fuel will enter the chamber. This will enable enhanced power and ensure loud and deep sound. However, one should ensure that the carburetor offers 80% volumetric efficiency for the best results.

4. Customizing the Muffler

Lastly, we have this method which involves customizing the muffler. If you enjoy modifying your motorcycle, you can accomplish this yourself incredibly easily. Moreover, you can opt for purchasing another muffler too. However, you need to ensure that it is rightly compatible.

Guide on Customizing the Muffler

  1. Before starting, make sure that you have a blade drill along with the screwdriver.
  2. First, take a screwdriver or a blade drill to remove the rear cap.
  3. Next, take up a drill to cut the muffler’s outside edge after marking it.
  4. Take any blade which is small enough to go inside.
  5. Using that blade, the inside edge needs to be cut too.
  6. Take a twist plier for the removal of the piece.
  7. To modify the muffler, the baffle needs to be removed first.
  8. You are done! Now, your motorcycle will provide a louder, much deeper sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I make my exhaust louder without buying anything?

One can accomplish this by adding an amplifying tip at the end of the exhaust. The exhaust tips that promise dual walls and flared ends make the sound deeper and louder. Moreover, the large diameter also plays a significant role. Therefore, just by enhancing the size, you will achieve an exhaust producing deeper sound.

  1. Does a bigger exhaust pipe make it louder?

Skipping up on the extra details, the bigger the exhaust pipe, the louder the sound is. The larger the diameter, the better the exhaust flow, making it sound more profound. Moreover, these also feature a less-restrictive muffler which makes the exhaust sound louder than the previous one.

  1. What makes an exhaust pop?

If your exhaust is not undergoing proper combustion due to nonuniform mixing of flame fronts, then the exhaust pops. Instead of initiating ignition in the chamber, the excess fuel ignites in the pipe and therefore pops. This is why you hear pops along with bags in the exhaust.

Final Verdict

If you think of making your motorcycle exhaust louder, ensure that the sound falls within the imposed legal limits. This demands proper consultation before opting for the upgradation in the exhaust. However, above stated methods can let you achieve that with minimal ease and effort. Moreover, they are cost-efficient and let you experience the ride you have longed for.