6 Best Motorcycle Games for Android 2021



6. Racing Fever: Moto

This game is very popular in the play store. It allows you to ride 16 different motorcycles, while the speed and handling vary between them a lot. Furthermore, the customization options are present for all your bikes. When it comes to graphics, all of the elements are clear and the background is amazing.

This game also has a mode called “police escape”, where the police cars chase you when you break the speed limit. There are 4 different camera angles and a 4 control option, so everything you need is there. The game is greatly optimized and there are no performance drops even after hours of playing.

5. Traffic Rider

Img source: androidatoz.com

This is an addictive game with over 70 story mode missions. There is no petrol limitation, so you can be dodging city traffic as long as you wish. More than 25 real life bikes are in the game, including Hayabusas and Vespas, along with cool customization options.

The game would be even better if there were extra camera angles and more customization, but it is still fun. You can still drive fast, perform wheelies, and drive in the wrong direction. On the graphics side, the game is fine, but again, it could be a bit better.

According to the developers, the sounds of bikes is recorded from original bikes in the real world. Lastly, there is online leaderboard so you can compare your skills with others, which can get quite competitive.

4. Racing Moto

This game is among the simplest bike racing games for Android and has been on the store for a long time. However, it is still as addictive as ever. The controls are simple, as you tilt to steer and tap to speed. The game only has three bikes to choose from and not a lot of other features. The bike speeds up more and more as you progress, and it becomes more difficult with every second that passes.

3. SBK16

Img source: YouTube

The issue with this series is that they should maybe improve the games instead of releasing new installments too often. This game has a ton of fun features, like controller support, 4 maps, and real life bikes.

The graphics are enhanced while the music is good. There are some reports of improper handling and performance drops, which should be fixed. Another annoyance is unpredictable and popups.

You are able to choose the player you want, and 4 different modes are available, including Quick Race, Championship, Time attack, and Test ride.

2. Gravity Rider

This is a fun and challenging 3D bike racing game in space. Graphics are awesome and very pleasant to look at. The game has fun challenges and cool looking bikes that are customizable, while the parts like engine and tires are upgradable.

There are difficult situations in the game, like going across traps to win the race. Mechanics of the game are impressive, and the controls are easy. The only drawback is the number of annoying ads.

1. Asphalt 8 Airborne – Bike mode

Img source: gameloft.com

Gameloft took their time in making a bike racing game, and now they finally added bikes to Asphalt 8. Although Asphalt 9 is also available, the 8th installment is one of the bike racing games with the best graphics for android, and the best on this list.

Multiplayer mode with the bikes is available as well, as are the cool stunts to fuel your nitro bar. Bike parts are upgradable, and tons of customization options are present. This is an ultimate racing experience for bike lovers.

One thing to mention is that the game is memory hungry, and will eat your storage size a lot. Therefore, do not be surprised if you experience frame drops unless you have a flagship phone from a top manufacturer.

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