How To Fix Broken Helmet ( Step By Step )

How to fix broken helmet

The helmet visor is a very crucial tool that helps to improve your vision and protect the face. It is essential to know that when you are wearing the helmet visor, it will save your life during a fall, for it will at least absorb the majority of the blow. When the helmet has fallen … Read more

Most Unique Motorcycle Helmets – 2022 Review

Motorcycle helmets are an essential part for each rider. Their primary role is safety, but when choosing a helmet most people are looking for comfort and design as well. There are plenty of helmet manufacturers that supplier the store chains with high-quality “head protectors” and sometimes it is difficult to choose just one. Furthermore, the … Read more

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets 2022 – Review & Guide

Motorbikes are one of the most common forms of transport around the globe. However, bikes can be extremely dangerous if one does not ensure proper safety measures. However, you can be safe and connected at all times with the help of a smart helmet. Smart helmets are like regular helmets but with built-in Bluetooth technology … Read more

7 Ruby Helmets To Complement Your Bike – 2022 Review

No matter what kind of a motorcycle you have, you can always go with the Ruby Helmet as your protection. Ruby Helmets are stylish and comfortable, but more importantly, they are going to keep you safe when you sit on that bike. Let’s check out some of the coolest ruby helmets that you can purchase. … Read more

18 Affordable But Cool Motorcycle Helmets [2021]

Whether you own a motorcycle designed for a city or a superbike that can reach high speeds, you need to have a good helmet. There is a phrase: “If you’ve got a ten-dollar head, buy a ten-dollar helmet.” Quality riding gear does cost a lot of money, but it is the money well-invested. Don’t forget … Read more

10 Unique Custom Made Helmets – 2022 Review

Helmet is one of the most important equipment parts for every biker. They serve to protect you in a traffic accident. Therefore, it is important to buy from well-known brands in this area that have certificates, because any change can negatively affect the ability of the helmet to protect you. A lot of people buy … Read more