Daryl Villanueva’s Bandit 9 L Concept – 2024 Review

Daryl Villanueva started his career as an advertising art director in Los Angeles, at the tender age of 19. He stayed in advertising for 10 years, until he finally got fed up and decided to move on. In 2011, Villanueva first went to China and then to Vietnam and started a motorcycle company.

The Idea


“The only thing that stands between fact and fiction is time” is a quote from Villanueva that perhaps best describes his vision. He wanted to make bikes, but not just any bike. Yes, all the usual elements are always the same, the wheels, steering bar, gas tank, but perhaps they can be somewhat rearranged. And that is what Villanueva did. Most of his creation looked like props from science fiction movies, especially those that take place in some dystopian future, which is one of the reasons behind their popularity.