Honda cb1000r – The Fabulous Motorcycle – 2024 Review

The world of motorcycles is constantly changing and evolving and there are fabulous motorcycles that come on the market every year. 2019 has seen the arrival of one of the best motorcycles in the world. We are talking about a 2019 Honda cb1000r. This motorcycle has it all, the great exterior design to the features and engine characteristics. The manufacturer did a great job to have it all covered.


The motorcycle is available in dealerships for sales and it’s base price is $12,999. It should be noted that this price can be significantly increased if a potential buyer decides to upgrade it with some additional gadgets. When we are talking about gadgets, we need to mention that the manufacturer has provided ten different additional accessories that can be added onto the unit, depending on the buyer’s preferences. If you decide to have it delivered to your address, you may also pay the additional charge for it.


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A lot of attention has been paid to the design of the engine. Namely, the manufacturer has given its best so that the engine would be both strong and reliable. He decided to go for a DOHC engine that would also have liquid cooling. Apart from this, this would be an inline-4 engine. The engine’s displacement is 998cc and it would have the capacity of providing 143.5 horsepower at 10,500rpm. The provided torque is 76.7 lb-ft at 8,250rpm. The engine is connected to the transmission with six speeds. The engine is very strong, and it should be added that the engine is able to reach 60mph in only 3.2 seconds. The engine needs only 10.71 seconds to reach 128.29 mph. We should also add that bore and stroke are 75mm x 56.5mm. When the induction is concerned, we should mention that there is a PGM-FI fuel injection. The ignition itself is controlled by a computer and there is also an electronic advance. It should be also added that each cylinder has four valves and that the compression ratio is 11.6:1. The final driver is #525 and it is also an O-ring chain that is sealed.


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When we are talking about the exterior design, the manufacturer gave its best in order to provide the most comfortable and reliable design possible. The height of the seat is 32.7 inches and the rake is 24.7 degrees. The trail is 3.8 inches. We should also mention that the front suspension is 43mm; 4.7-in. travel while the rear suspension is 5.2-in. travel, and it is also fully adjustable. When we are talking about tires, we should mention that the front tire used is a 120/70-17 while the rear tire is a 190/55-17 one. When we are talking about fuel capacity, we should mention that it is 4.3 gallons. The entire wheelbase of the unit is 57.3 inches while the overall weight of the unit is 467 lb. The latest LED technology has been used for all the light on the unit.