Top 9 Jay Leno’s Motorcycle Collection – 2024 Review

Most of you have heard for Jay Leno’s garage, and by mistake people connect his name only with cars. But, the famous TV personality also has a vast motorcycle collection. Those who know him in person are aware that his passion for motorcycles equals the one for cars. If you continue reading this article, you will see that Jay has some exciting motorbikes in his collection. People who witnessed it in person claim that walking around his garage feels like a visit to a museum after seeing all of the historic bikes he has at his disposal. While he has motorcycles from manufacturers such as Harley-Davidson, Indian and various German and Japanese companies, here we are going to talk about most interesting bikes in Jay Leno’s motorcycle collection.

Number 9: 1918 Pope

This is a completely restored bike. When you see the photos, you won’t believe the perfect state in which it is. It looks so good that riding it would be like a taking step back into the past.