15 Bizarre but Beautiful Motorcycle Paint Jobs



It takes a real skill to pain a bike. Anyone can do it, too be sure, but it is not to point just to finish it. Only a few people can turn it into a work of art. Sometimes, people tend to overdo it and what you get is a crazy paint job that you will see nowhere else. Here are 15 motorcycles with weird colors.

15. Cerberus Yamaha


This underworld theme looks quite good on the Yamaha. And the mythical creature called Cerberus, which is a three-headed dog, fits nicely.

14. Candy Tangerine Custom Bike


These are only flames, which is common and no so creative way to decorate the bike. But the colors are just perfect. Touch it…ouch, its hot!

13. Voodoo Chopper


The silver color of this bike makes all the difference but without the minimalist stripes it just wouldn’t be the same.

12. King Kong GSXR


Having King Kong on the side of your bike sounds appealing but if you decide to get this paint job, make sure that you find somebody who knows how to paint.

11.Purple Flame Suzuki Hayabusa


Flame doesn’t have to be red and orange. This purple and bluish flame on the Hayabusa looks exquisite. Do you know what it is like when you stare at the fire? You get the same feeling when you look at this bike.

10. Monster Suzuki GSXR 1000


Matte black looks good no matter where you use it. And when it is combined with this green paint, it is even better. People are definitely turning heads after this bike.

9. Reaper Suzuki Bandit 650


The Reaper is another common theme motorcyclists use for their bikes. But just look at the fuel tank of this two-wheeler and you will see why this is one of best finished Reaper motorcycle.

8. White and Blue Tribal


This Suzuki GSXR 1000 comes with blue tribal all over the body. Even the windscreen is painted and against the white surface, the design is astonishing.

7. Triumph Rocket III Custom


Even without customization, the Rocket III is breath-taking. Add some flavor to it and this is the result.


5. Evil Weed Custom Trike


Even motorcycles with three wheels can look outstanding when proper colors cover the body. If you believe that you are too old for trikes, check out this photo and think again before you answer.

4. Blood and Chrome Kawasaki ZX10R


Red color has so many shades that fit each motorcycle well. But the blood red in combination with this Kawasaki is a killer. Moreover, the bike is decorated with skull art, which is just as remarkable.

3. Rossi R1


Valentino Rossi is famous for a large variety of helmets, besides his success on the track. This fan wanted his bike to be just like one of the helmets. Bright yellow with the combination of an interesting design is terrific.

2. Spider Chopper


Spiderman-themed bike are always welcomed, especially when they are done properly. This one has been completed just right and it is a bike everyone would love to have in their own backyard.

1.Flat Black and Copper Chopper


Not everything needs to be complex in order to be good. And this motorcycle is the pure example. Copper and black are combined to create this perfection.

Which bike is your favorite?

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