6 Motorcycle Models From 2018 Which Are Excellent Purchase Choice – 2024 Review

Are you a fan of two-wheelers? If you are, 2018 may be the perfect year to choose from to buy a new motorcycle. Plenty of models are offered, and you can find the right one quickly. We present you bikes which are excellent to ride, but they are highly valued as well.

6. 2018 Zero S ZF7.2


Zero may not be the most famous brand here, but the company has made so much progress since they launched a prototype in 2008. The batteries are still expensive, which is why we recommend you opt for the least expensive model – the 2018 Zero S ZF7.2. This bike features a 7.2 kWh battery pack and the maximum range of 89 miles, which is not bad for city driving.

If this is not enough for you, you can choose larger battery packs, but keep in mind that you will also increase the weight of the bike. Also, it is quite clear that this is an EV, which means that thrust happens immediately when you crank the throttle.