Best Motorcycle Storage Containers 2021 – Detailed Guide

Have you ever seen what a car that is exposed to different atmospheric influences looks like? Probably you have, and we can tell you one thing, the owner of that car doesn’t take proper care of it. Just imagine, rain, sun, snow, etc., all this constantly damages the car. This was just one reminder of what can happen to your motorcycle if you don’t worry the right way.

But, knowing how passionate bikers are, there is no doubt that you would do anything to protect your machine. Is it true? Of course, it is. No matter what kind of bike it is, cheap, expensive, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Honda, whatever, it is very important that you maintain your machine and protect it properly. To help you with the latter, we’ve decided to create a list of the best motorcycle storage containers. Keep reading, and trust us, at a fairly reasonable price you can get more than quality protection for your bike. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

Top Picks for 2021

1. The Bike Shield Standard Motorcycle Storage


As we said, rain, sun and snow are the enemies of any vehicle. Therefore, machines must be stored in the garage, or in a similar place, just so that they aren’t exposed directly. However, if you don’t have a garage, then a motorcycle storage container is more than necessary. This one by the Bike Shield will give you everything you need. According to the reviews of many satisfied users, this shed is among the best on the market. First feature to emphasize is that it is waterproof (made of polyurethane).

This means that rain will no longer cause problems. You don’t want to ride in a wet seat, do you? In addition, it helps effectively against the sun and when it is hot outside, for example during summer days. Also, UV rays cannot penetrate the material, so your machine is safe underneath. We would also like to point out a one-year warranty period, ease of installation, as well as a video and a paper manual if you have any difficulties. In the end, the price is about $350 on Amazon, which is pretty reasonable compared to what we get for this price.

2. Speed-Way MTS-GRY Sport Shelter

Speed-Way MTS-GRY Sport Shelter


After a long ride, the fact is that the bike will warm up, especially parts such as exhaust pipes. If you do not have time to wait for it to cool down and want to put on the cover right away, it can be damaged. Of course, no one would destroy their new motorcycle storage container intentionally, however, you may inadvertently do so. Luckily, designers at Speed-Way thought about their fast users. Their MTS-GRY Sport Shelter is just perfect for situations like these, allowing you to quickly pull on the cover as it will certainly not come in contact with hot exhaust pipes.


In addition, setup is very simple and fast so you won’t waste your time on these things. If you still have problems, there is a completely understandable guide here, so we believe it takes no more than 15-20 minutes to fully install this shed. The waterproofing of this cover is another essential feature that will protect your motorcycle from rain and snow for many years to come. This motorcycle storage container is just made for you to use it for a long time. The price for that durability and great features is $340, which is good.

3. Mophorn Motorcycle Shelter Shed


Anyway, if you are looking for a universal and high-quality solution, then our pick is this motorcycle shed by Mophorn. If these previous covers seem expensive for you, don’t worry, we thought of riders tight on budget. This budget-friendly cover is available on Amazon for around $170, which is definitely the cheapest solution on our list.

Like all other bike covers you can find here, this one is also waterproof. It is made of Black Oxford 600D material that is also UV- and wear-resistant, which guarantees long-term use. Still, that’s not all. This one has soft ground anchors so it is possible to attach it to the ground if you don’t want to move it. Besides material, construction is also well-designed and sturdy. Another great thing is 1-year warranty. Considering all previously mentioned features, it’s easy to conclude this shed has best money-value ratio.

4. ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box Storage Shed

ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box Storage Shed


If you need a motorcycle storage container that has enough space for you to comfortably fit inside, then our choice is definitely shed-in-a-box storage shed by ShelterLogic. Literally, this cover can also serve as a garage as it covers even 98-foot surfaces. This means you can store whatever you want beside your motorcycle. For example, accessories, spare parts, etc. However, this is not the main point. Like all other protective covers on the list, this one is also weatherproof (three layers), so it prevents all the effects of UV rays, dust, rain, snow, etc.

Compared to all others, this one offers a huge storage space, but also quite different steel construction. This enables durability throughout the season and resistance to all external influences. When setting up, it is very easy to notice that the cover tensioning system is very convenient and effective. As for the price, you can find this cover for about $400 on Amazon.

5. Quictent Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Shelter Shed

Quictent Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Shelter Shed


Another motorcycle storage container slightly cheaper than previously mentioned products is this one by Quictent. Of course, saving money doesn’t mean that you buy a lower-quality product. Quictent has introduced a product that is very durable, well-crafted and fully protective for your motorcycle. So, this heavy-duty motorcycle shelter is 100% waterproof. It’s made of 600D Oxford Fabric PU which is also UV-resistant. However, we especially liked the mesh ventilation windows as well as the TSA code lock.


Although it may seem inconvenient to assemble, it is actually very simple to do that. The best part is that disposal is very easy when you no longer need a storage container. Just fold it up and put it in your bag. Now, you are probably wondering how it is possible that this product is budget-friendly? Well, believe it or not, it’s just like that. For just $250, you can get this motorcycle shelter with a one-year warranty. Pretty good deal, right?